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Time (**)

  1. What are the time savings associated with e-consultation?
  2. Will I need to spend any more/less time in preparation?
  3. Is there a difference in the time needed to attend an online meeting as opposed to a traditional meeting?

Cost (***)

  1. What costs will I face in order to take part.
  2. What is any savings will i make.

Engagement (***)

  1. If I dont meet or see the consulter how will I know that they are engaging with my responses.
  2. How will i provide my views.
  3. What will be the nature of the feedback process.
  4. Can I still use traditional methods as well.

Case studies (*)

  1. What are the examples from Ireland & elsewher of citizens successfully engaging with an e-consultation.

Participation (***)

  1. Can I used both e-consultation & traditional methods?
  2. How will my levels of participation change in terms of time, cost, travel, and so on?

Skills (***)

  1. what skills will I need to use the wedsite & it's features

Usability (***)

  1. How usable are the various technologies
  2. Won't I need some technical training
  3. What happens if my input is imcomplete due to a tecnical 'mishap'

Results (**)

  1. When & how will I get the results.
  2. Can I view the progress on the consultation i.e. the views in the forumn.

Benefits (**)

  1. What are the benefits to me as a consultee of using e-consultation?

What is e-consultation (**)

  1. What is e-consultation
  2. What are the examples of successful e-consultation
  3. what are the kind of e-techniques I can use.

Resources (***)

  1. Will I need to purchase or get access to skills, equipment, software etc.

Promotion (**)

  1. How will I find out about the consultation and updates & feedback.

Stages (***)

What are the stages in an econsultation and where do I fit in in terms of.
  1. Learning about the process
  2. Taking part
  3. Viewing the results
  4. Giving my feedback

Security (*)

  1. Isn't giving out one's details & views online really dangerous?
  2. Will other people be able to view what I write?
  3. Can other people edit my responses?
  4. Who will have access to the comments and responses?

Technology ()

  1. What are the various technologies & what are they used for?